Logos, generally an image of an institution or some organisation floods into our mind, the logo is any symbol or graphical model which is designed to represent any organisation or a group also sometimes an individual (in-band groups), and it is a type of visual communication. It comes in various sizes and shapes; nowadays it is commonly used by new entrepreneurs, enterprises, corporations for instant recognition. Logos can sometimes be the institution name itself in short form or sometimes drawings of animals faces and birds are also used to symbolise the company. Logos defines the company design influences potential customer and workers, it is not just for the recognition it defines the company strength. Logos inspires workmates and promotes team spirit and defines the company’s agenda or objectives and intimidates opponents.

Logos are a century-old tradition they are been in use since the industrial revolution, abstract logos came into the picture in 1870’s, today there is number of the corporation, companies, agencies which uses ideograms (these are signs, icons) symbols, emblems to visualise their companies. A logo may consist of company name and a symbol, an effective design always gains attention, sometimes instead of using symbols the company name is written in other languages to gain consciousness. People tend to remember the symbols or icon rather than company name so well designed logo is crucial for any organization. Logos of each company is protected by copyrights.

Designing logos is a tricky job is difficult to perfect as it should be attractive, meaningful and should uphold the dignity and prestige of any company. Over the years the numbers of logo designers have increased as it has become a profession. Design of a logo, symbol and colour are important factors to be considered during creating a logo for any company, as logos convey an important message to the world, for example, a symbol of any animals like the dove, represents a prestigious and peaceful group. Whereas dark colours like red attract the attention of people and light colours project gentle feeling so many companies use many colours depending upon their field of expertise. Logo design is sometimes provided by the company itself where the designers just add extra detailing and process it or sometimes companies give all the necessary details to the designers like the concept of the company, services provided, products developed. This requires designers skill and is not a simple task, here designer analyses requirements and discusses it with the company and comes out with a design or logo.